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Agario Hack with great features such as speed, zoom hack, invisibility and double size. Get Agar Io Hack Tool today !
AgarIo is one of the newest addiction to gamers nowadays. This simple game is so addictive that most times, the servers crash because of the traffic.
Inspired by the Spore game, you start with a small cell and the objective is to eat other cells to get bigger and bigger.
Free to play and with easy access, you can play today, you can play now !
All you have to do is select your server (according to your location) and input your username and that’s it !
This game teaches you one important skill, patience.
It is important that you have patience as you keep eating smaller cells and getting bigger, because you will move slower…and it will become more and more tempting to eat other players. Most players lose the game faster as they get bigger, because they split the cell. Yes, you can hit the space button and split our cell in two. You will become smaller, you as you throw your second half across the screen you can catch up with smaller other players and eat them.
But you are very vulnerable at this point. As getting the cells back into one will take longer as you are bigger, and other big cells can come and eat you up as well.
This is where the problems come in, or the challenges. As you get bigger, you will move slower…you’ll have to eat more cells to keep your size at least and you can die more easy and that can be frustrating.
But with the new Agar Io Hack Tool we developed for you, the game will have an enhanced experience ready for you.
Agario hack is made to help you when you don’t really have the time, or want to wait to much to get ahead on those leaderboards. This tool is 100% safe and undetectable as it was developed with the latest generation of security and stealth algorhytms so no server will ever detect it. It uses special features of proxies and anti-ban systems, so you can play more without having to worry about dying.

agario hack

Agario Hack Features
  • Zoom
  • Speed
  • Invisibility
  • Double Size
  • Anti-Ban
  • Proxy
  • Works on all browsers
  • Works on Android/iOS and Windows
Agario Hack Instructions
  1.  Download Agario Hack from the download link below
  2. Install the tool
  3. Get into the game
  4. Start the tool and select your features
  5. Hit Hack it and enjoy !

Last Update: 04.12.2015